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6 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Mike is the VERY best auto mechanic I’ve ever worked with. Highly knowledgeable and thorough — he found problems with my 15-year-old car that several other mechanics had missed, and he fixed them before they caused bigger issues. He explains everything clearly in terms that someone who is NOT a mechanic can understand. Thank you, Mike! I’m sending all my friends who need work done on their cars to you!

  2. I live up the street from Mike. Own a 2013 Subaru. Brought the car down to replace the headlight. Mike immediately replaced the headlight even though he was working on another job. Thanks Mike…you’re the best!!

  3. Mike’s awesome – and honest! Took my 2008 Tundra to him because the Check Engine light came on. I didn’t expect anything too serious. He spent over an hour looking at it and found it was an Air Injection Pump problem. He did research and realized it was covered under Toyota warranty, but that I’d have to take it to a dealer. Mike refused to take any money for all his considerable expertise, time and effort – even when I insisted. I highly recommend Mike. I live close by – he will get a lot more of my business. The Care Repair World Needs More Mikes!

  4. I went to Mike’s Auto and Mike himself worked on my car, fixing breaks, tires and other small things. He put my car on lift and pointed out & explained in detail , what could wait and what was most important for safety and for car longevity. Great service, fair price & a trusting mechanic which is tough to find, especially for a woman. Thanks Mike !

  5. I came to Mike on recommendation from a close friend after I was mistreated and lied to by a dishonest mechanic in Watertown, MA. What was supposed to take several hundred dollars and a few days in another shop took Mike about 10 minutes to diagnose and fix at fair price. Thank you for excellent service and honest, good work.


  6. Mike,
    Thanks for your extra attention in taking care of our car. It runs so smooth now! I’ll definitely be stopping by with my van as it needs some repair. I highly recommend you to my family and friends so I’ll spread the word –
    Keep up the great work and customer service!
    Best, Dan

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